Top 7 Cheapest and Best Way to Travel Europe – Plan Europe Trip in Budget

Nowadays traveling has become more expensive than earlier. When we plan for a vacation with our family we make a proper budget of money to spend. Europe is an expensive continent and if you are planning a trip to Europe then get ready to vacant your account money. you have to pay a lot for your airline’s tickets, overnight trains and ferry boat can easily wipe out your money. For making your vacation exciting and adventurous try to economize your money so you can spend it where you want.

Now things have changed many recent trends has been introduced which will help you in saving your money like weaker currency exchange, the rise of the sharing economy, there are many bus options who charge less money for travelling from one place to another many new budget airlines have also introduced. These changes have given big relies on passengers account.

Different ways which helps to plan your Europe trip in your budget.

You can travel to Europe on Megabus.

You can travel by Megabus in the streets of the united kingdom at a low price. Travelling on the popular streets of the united kingdom is very cheap but for this, you have to book your ticket a month before after paying the amount of 1GBP. If you don’t want to travel on this bus you can choose another option for travel at a much reasonable price on the national bus. Buses are very comfortable for covering long distances in less time. Although Megabus also started operating trains for travelling to some distances of the united kingdom at 10 GBP. They also started travelling to Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam at a very low price.

Travelling in Bus about to Europe

Busabout is basically a hop-on/ hop-off bus service that has been started for the comfortability of tourist who is travelling to Australia and New Zealand respectively. Many travellers use Busabout to travel from one city to another. You can also buy a full package ticket that will let you travel to a whole city package includes a nine-day flex pass in which you will be given nine stops from starting city.

This also includes a guide and sometimes group activities are also included to make your journey special. You have to pay 299 dollars for two weeks pass.

Economise your money on food courts

Many Neophyte tourists who are travelling first time to Europe they waste his money on transport in finding hotels and restaurants. This will not only reduce your money can also effect on your food budget. There are many ways of finding food courts some includes Google maps, online searching on different websites. You should book a hotel which provides a complimentary breakfast. Don’t sit on the food court table unusually because in Europe they also charge for table. Always try to economise on food it will take you too far, especially for neophyte tourist. Take a fine lunch and dinner in Paris with your family members.

Always travel with a Eurail pass on train.

Tourists should always prefer a train for travelling long distances in a small period of time. You will feel very much comfortable and stressful while travelling on the train. Europian railways are famous for providing the best services in the world. They are also the most expensive railways in the world with his world-class facility this will be worthwhile for tourists travelling with Europian trains. They cover a long journey between the two countries by their high-speed line like Paris to Bordeaux and Berlin to Munich. If you are planning a tour in different countries in Europe you buy a train pass it the best way to save money while travelling to long distances.

You can also choose the Bla Bla car for travelling in Europe.

Many tourists don’t want to waste much money on travelling. In Europe, the rise of sharing a car for long distances is happening many times. Many tourists use these services for them you can share your ride with local people who have extra seats in their car. They can charge according to the distance you have travelled. This the best way to travel around Europe in a low amount. You can easily book a ride from different websites like Gumtree.

Please always get away from scams.

It is very tough to suspect fake items. In many shops, you will find a copy of designer items so before buying anything from the store first search it very carefully. This type of scan only happens in some outlets. Any merchant don’t want to trip off his customer’s trust so they check all the items very securely before selling. These scams are done by criminals who are specialists in travel scams they will perform different activities so that they could separate you from your money. When you are going to an unknown place always make distance from these people. They always search for travellers who arrive late at night. So it is very important to learn from other travellers who have to go through this type of problems.

Hitchhiking is a simple way to travel to Europe

European people are very helpful. It is the best place for hitchhiking many tourists had traveled to many places without losing any amount. They have also shared their experience of travelling safe and secure with an unknown person. we all know that any bad situation can take place anytime for this we always are prepared and a bailout from the car as quick as you can.


If you want to travel to Europe then find out these Cheapest and Best Way to Travel Europe. I hope you find useful these and save a lot of money for your dining and other activities. You can also share this blog with your loved ones so they can also save big bucks. If you have any other ways to travel cheaper to Europe then also shre with us by commenting below.

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