Copa Airlines Cancellation

You cancel your booking within 24 hours if you want to refund your money. Copa Airlines cancellation services deduct the charge if you cancel your booking. Your money will be refunded only when you buy your ticket within of Copa Airlines Company. Many times have come when you don’t travel within airlines that’why you cancel your booking. If the ticket is non-refundable then you booked another ticket with the same name and refund your ticket. If cancel your ticket with some medical reason then you will give us your medical documents before the refunding your ticket. Refunds also depend on the fares rules while you purchasing a ticket. If you pay your booking amount with the credit card then your refund request will take immediate and also when you pay your booking charges with the cash or cheque then your refund request will take within 20 days and then refund your amount. Also, In the Copa Company has an online policy to cancel your booking within Copa airlines reservation center. For further details, You call Copa airlines phone number +1-855-653-5350 where our experts clear your all doubts related to the cancellation process.

 About Copa Airlines:

“Compañía Panameña de Aviación”, S.A., terms related to “Copa Airlines”. Copa Airlines headquartered placed in Panama City. Copa Airlines is the flag carrier of Panama. Tocumen International Airport is the main hub. Copa is a member of Star Alliance and as well as a subsidiary of Copa Holdings and also It is a parent Company. It was founded in 1944 as Colombian airline AeroRepública. It was adopted in 1947 as Copa Airlines Colombia.

There are four focus cities in Copa Airlines such as EI Dorado International Airport, La Aurora International Airport, Juan Santamaria, and Augusto C. Sandino International Airport. There are two subsidiaries in Copa Airlines such as Copa Airlines Colombia, and Wingo. Copa Airlines has the codeshare agreement of 16 Airlines. Copa Airlines configured a Business Class, Economy Class, and Class cabin.

ConnectMiles is the Frequent Flyer Program.
Pedro Heilbron is the CEO of Copa Airlines.
Jose Montero is the CFO of Copa Airlines.
Destinations: 80.
Fleet Size: 94.
Revenue : US$ 2.249 billion(2012).
Operating Income: US$ 402.5 billion(2012).
Net Income: US$ 326.4 billion(2012).

Copa Airlines Profiles Homepage:

1. Copa Airlines-(@Copa). Twitter.
2. Copa Airlines- Facebook.
3. Copa Airlines- LinkedIn.
4. Copa Airlines- Youtube.
5. Copa Airlines- Instagram.

Copa Airlines Check-in Policy:

There are four types of check-in policy in Copa Airlines:
1. Airport check-in counter.
2. Web Stations.
3. Mobile Web check-in.
4. Web Check-in.

1. Airport Check-in counter: If you traveling with your pets and who want special needs are welcome to come to the airport. And first, know about the whole Copa airlines pet policies.
a. For international flights, you must come to the airport at least 2 hours before the departure of the flight.
b. For domestic flights within Colombia and Panama, you must come to the airport at least 1 hour before the departure of the flight.
c. If you are traveling from the United States or Venezuela, you may require extra time for all process.
d. For departing of the United States, you must come to the airport at least 3 hours before the departure of the flight.
e. For departing of Venezuela, you must come to the airport at least 4 hours before the departure of the flight.
f. After the check-in process counter will close within 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of their flight.
g. After complete, the check-in process of the Venezuela counter will close within 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure of their flight.

2. Web Stations: Only for the Copa Airlines Passengers, we will offer the self- service Kiosk service at Panama’s leading Hotels.
Copa Airlines Web Stations are available at these Hotels.
a. The Web Station Placed in the Lobby of Hotel Crowne Plaza.
b. The Web Station placed in the Lobby of Continental Hotel & Casino.
c. The Web Station placed in the Playa Bonita Resort & Spa InterContinental.
d. The Web Station placed in the Lobby of Holiday Inn Clayton.
e. The Web Station placed in the main lobby of Hotel EI Panama.
f. The Web Station placed in the next to the Decameron Explorer Radisson Decapolis Hotel.
g. The Web Station placed in Lobby 1, 2, and 3 and also next to the Decameron Explorer of Hotel Royal Decameron Golf Beach Resort & Villas.

3. Mobile Web Check-in: You may check-in Copa Airlines for your flight with your mobile. Copa allows mobile check-in with the Android or iOS app. If you use this check-in then you do some works:
1. Passengers have an electronic ticket.
2. Passengers have a reservation code, e-ticket number, and frequent flyer account.
3. You are not an unaccompanied passenger.
4. You are not a military person.
5. You should not an infant.
6. You are departing from the airport which accesses a mobile boarding passes.

4. Web Check-in: You may check-in Copa airlines for your flight online from 24 hours to 1 hour before the departure of the flight to receive a mobile boarding pass on your phone and prints the boarding pass. The all options of Mobile check-in and the Online Check are the same each other. Pets are not allowed within the process of web check-in.

Copa Airlines Baggage Policy:

1. The passengers do not exceed the limits of their baggage i.e. 158cm(62 inches) not including wheels and handles. It must be transported as a Copa cargo.
2. If your baggage does not exceed the limit of weight then you will not pay extra charges.
3. Some items do not count your baggage like an umbrella, wheelchairs, Diaper bag, Walkers, jacket, Duty-free items, Strollers, Child restraint seats, and Crutches.
4. Copa Airlines passengers carry one personal item(purse, laptop bag etc) or a one carry bag this is free of cost.
5. Pets are not allowed in Business class or your baggage.
6. $150 USD fee of an oversized bag.
7. Additional bag: $40 USD fee any passenger can check up to 4 bags.
8. Items over 23kg: $30 USD.
9. Items over 32kg are not allowed.
10. Fee for pets: $25 USD only within the domestic flight.
11. If the bags limit exceed the 63-inch and 107-inch fee is $150 USD.
12. If the bag limits more than 45kg then it will be sent as cargo.
13. Sports equipment are many types but in aircraft, you take only some kind of sports equipment like a golf bag, fishing equipment, skis, golf bags, hockey, and lacrosse equipment.

It will be accepted the Copa Airlines and the size and weight limits will count one by one checked sports bag the associated fees might be applied. And This fee is mandatory for all Passengers.

Copa Airlines Infants Policy:

In Copa Airlines, If a child up to 2 years old the aircraft does not require a single seat for infants. If You traveling with your infant than firstly you inform the Copa Airlines. Copa Airlines gives the discount of the Infants Fares.

In Aircraft, an Only single infant is allowed as well as a single lap child is allowed per adult. If one adult is traveling with more than one infant then the adult will purchase an extra seat for infants. Infants amenities vary in aircraft.

You can choose a seat for the infant and you also consider the proper restraint devices for your infants.
If a child up to 2 years old then the airlines take a 10% charge of adult charges even the infant will be on your lap or will be of another passenger lap. You will pay 10% of the charges for the ticket.
No infants sit on to the exit row in the aircraft.

Copa Airlines Minor Policy:

Young children allowed to travel alone with a guardian or parents that children are called Unaccompanied minors. Copa Airlines provides a service for a minor to assist these children from their point to the final destinations.

1. If Children up to 5 years are not allowed to travel alone in Copa Airlines.
2. If the children up to 5-7 years are allowed to travel within direct flights and if they want to travel into the connection flights then charges will be applied.
3. If the children up to 8-14 years are allowed to travel within direct flights and also the connection flight. Extra charges will also be applied.
4. Children between 15-17 are travel to alone but they are not listed in an unaccompanied minor.
5. For 5-7 age on the direct flight: $60 each way.
6. For 5-7 age on a flight with connections: not allowed.
7. For 8-14 age om the direct flight: $60 each way.
8. For 8-14 age on a flight with connections: $90 each way.
9. If the child did not well and good then they are not allowed the alone service.

Copa Airlines Pets Policy:

1. Only 8-week old pets are allowed in the aircraft.
2. Only 8-weeks old dogs, cats, and birds are allowed.
3. Copa Airlines Passengers do not carry more than one pet.
4. 13*17*10inches, The kennel does not exceed the limit
5. The kennel put under your seat in the aircraft.
6. You are only traveling within the United States, Mexico, the Carribean, and Bermuda.
7. The kennel made by plastic, wood, metal, and material of comparable strength within the solid roof, Kennels are not made by cardboard.
8. We allow 2 bird in one kennel Also, two puppies or kittens between 8 weeks and 6 months weighing no more than 20 lbs each can share a kennel.
9. Minors will not be allowed to travel with their pets in the Copa Airlines.
10. Only kennel required for one passenger.

Copa Airlines Inflight Policy:

1. Movies, Music, and Other entertainment guides.
2. Electronics items allowed.
3. Meals and Beverages Services.
4. Panorama of the Americas.
5. Tips for Healthy Travel.

Copa Airlines Cancellation Number

According to the Copa airlines cancellation policy. If you cancel your flight reservations, In this case, flight tickets charges may or may not be refundable. It depends on the flight tickets rule so if you want to know more about it. So contact at Copa airlines customer service number.

At last, your ticket may or may not be returned depending on the rent rules applicable to the ticket. If your ticket is refundable, then the fines specified in the rent rules will be deducted from the refunded amount. If your ticket is not refundable, then you can use it as a new ticket payment. Copa airlines contact number +1-855-653-5350 always available for them a customer. If you are facing any problem regarding online booking, Copa airlines Cancellation, Copa airlines reservations, baggage issues, and flight meal, etc Direct dial Copa airlines customer service phone number and get the quick solution of your issue.

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