How to Set Up Google Flight Alerts to Track your Flights

Google Flights alert is a great tool from Google. It has the ability to track the price and receive a flight alert when the flight tickets price changes. There are many caveats feature on Google Flights. They don’t send an alert message to you instantaneously they take some time. When the price will change they send you a notification message via email or your number they also send a notification if the price will go up or down. It is completely free and can at any moment user also set multiple price alerts at once it is a great option by google flight alert. It is the best way to set Google Flight Alerts and find cheap and fast flights.

Why we need to set Airfare alert?

Airfare alert informed all the users what the exact change and how much change in price. It helps to stay on the top of the flight and route price change. It also saves time and money with tedious work, the user has much time to make a plan for vacations.

How we set Airfare flight alert with Google Flight Alert?

Enter your information to search for a flight.

You can search your flight by entering your travel details like your departure and destination airport and a number of passengers. And press on the “Search” option.

Enter your travel date

You can enter the date in google drop-down calendar if your date is flexible it is helpful to find the cheapest date. Click on the Done button and click on the search button.

Press the Track Price for your Specific route.

The Track Price button will see you on the left-hand side of the page. Turn on to track the price, it shows the price of all flight options for your selected dates. In this way, if the price will drop we send all the details about the airline and specific flight. You will find your Specific route easily.


google flight also provides a powerful tool. in this tool, we can share a chosen itinerary before booking the tickets. this tool helps when we search for a flight for someone else. Share button is located near the Total Price of your flight with two options are

  1. Send the email yourself.
  2. share with another person.

Or set Specific flight track price

If you want to choose some specific flight, goto the result and click on track price for specific flight. Enter your date and airport as usual, and press the “Search” button. Select your specific flight which you want to take by a single click and book them.

Once you get the page airline to send a link for verification, you can simply click on the link to track the price for a specific itinerary. For example, if you set a specific flight among Air France, Virgin Atlantic and Delta .If American airlines give cheaper price. In this case, you will not be notified of any get an alert message.

Create a Gmail account Or log in

For set up  Flight alert you will be logged in with your Gmail account for tracking and receive notification message by email. If you are not logged in with your Gmail account then you will not be prompted to do.

Check Your email inbox.

If you get a notification message alert by email. it shows you the recent price and new price and you have tracked your flight.

There are some rules and limitations on google flight alert to find your deals. It is also helpful for a specific flight or set inflexible route date. if the user sets a flexible route then the user no need to set alert to get all the notification possibilities.

How google flight save money?

Google flight is not like Priceline, Expedia, or Orbitz.It a powerful search engine with lots of options. Google has launched a new travel-related feature to make plans and book trips. Some of this new feature can find in google flight.

Features of Google Flights

You can search for google flight multiple cities.

Google flight allows you to do multi-search at a time. You can search up to 7departure and 7 destinations in google flight search box by this you can save time. For example, if you want to fly from New York City to Europe without a specific city in your mind. In the departure box, you enter new york city at that time google flight search all the new york airports like LGA, JFK, EWR. You can select the airport individually nearby your airport like Long Island(ISP), Philadelphia(PHL)or Islip.if you want to visit Paris Berlin, Barcelona, etc. Google flight will search and give the best option.

Search multiple dates and find the cheapest date for fly

The date is shown on the right side of the search box. Click on the calendar icon it will show you calendar choose your date and see the lowest price for complete month. lower price will show in green color.

Date grid

On the cheapest date to fly click on the date grid. This will open a grid show green color shows the cheapest day for travel and red indicates the most expensive day for a fly. On the top and right side of Data Grid, it shows more pricing details by using return and departure arrows. it is a great way to save time and money both. Price Graph price graph show 2 months visual graph from we see easily price trends by day we can change the duration of our trip by +/- button.


The airport tab displays any other airport is located near me. in the airport tab we can easily see airport location on the map and get more details with the current price on the left on the can also see the minimum and maximum distance.


The Tips tells about in which city you are visiting, Suggested Day Plans, Flights to Your Destination from the airport closest to your current location, Travel Videos, Things To Do, When To Visit, Travel Articles.

Flight insights

Google flights update its Flight insight section, on the right side near your flight search. it will show only the price sector if you search between two cities. It will not see fro multiple destinations.

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